The 30 Best Rums To Drink In 2022

Stocking your home bar? Rum is a staple you shouldn’t be without. It’s a great base for potent rum cocktails like tropical piña coladas, citrusy mojitos, ginger-spiked dark ‘n’ stormies, and so many more. As with most liquors, some varieties are best for swirling into mixed drinks while others are better suited for enjoying on the rocks. With rum, the difference between varieties often comes down to its aging and distilling process. Read on for a helpful breakdown of the major types and their best applications.

You know this rum. The famous Captain Morgan is flavored with different seeds, dried fruits, ginger, and cinnamon, among other spices. Adeyemi Allen, chef at The Varsity Club in White Sulphur Springs, W.V., said he “loves to make rum cake with it.” We can see why!

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